Technical Manuals

The Concrete Masonry Association of Australia (CMAA) is the peak body that represents the concrete masonry manufacturers of Australia. The CMAA supports the industry by providing technical information and advice to architects, engineers, specifiers and educators. The association also publishes technical manuals and data relating to concrete block walling, concrete paving, permeable paving and concrete masonry retaining walls.

Below is a selection of useful CMAA manuals for download as PDF documents. There are more publications available free online on the Concrete Masonry Association of Australia (CMAA) website.

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  • CM01 – Concrete Masonry Handbook  General information about concrete masonry construction and maintenance.
  • CM02 – Single-Leaf Masonry – Design Manual  Information on the simplified design of external walls, tabular design of external walls, bracing design, connection details, basement wall details and waterproofing recommendations for housing.
  • CM03 – Concrete Masonry Structures – Cleaning and Maintenance  Detailed information on concrete masonry cleaning methods including how to diagnose and remove stains. This manual also provides guidance on how to minimise staining during installation.
  • CM04 – Manufacture of Concrete Masonry  A brief history of concrete masonry manufacturing plus current manufacturing processes and quality control practices.
  • MA55 E7-2016 Design and Construction of Concrete Masonry  (Note: This is a zip file.) There are three sections to this manual: A Concrete Masonry for Buildings with information regarding the manufacturing, categorisation and finishes of concrete masonry units; B Design of Concrete Masonry Buildings with technical information for use in the design stage; C Construction of Concrete Masonry Buildings illustrating methods and standards involved in construction including mortar estimation, wall configurations, and cleaning and maintenance procedures.

Disclaimer: The Concrete Masonry Association of Australia Limited is a non-profit organisation sponsored by the concrete masonry industry in Australia to provide information on the many uses of concrete masonry products. Since the information provided is intended for general guidance only and in no way replaces the service of professional consultants on particular projects, no liability can be accepted by the Association for its use.