Tasman concrete block retaining wall system


Tasman® block retaining wall systems are designed and manufactured for Australian conditions. The Segmental Retaining Wall Systems (SRWS) are suitable for constructing strong and durable walls for residential and commercial projects.

The split face and natural colourways offer a texture and tone that will complement the Australian landscape and add beauty, value and functionality to your property.

Plus, the Tasman® SRW system has been extensively tested, performing well both in the lab and in the field.

Tasman® block retaining wall systems offer the following benefits:

  • Do-it-yourself quality retaining walls
  • No need for concrete footings
  • Suitable for right-angled corners, steps, straight or curved walls
  • Create near vertical retaining walls
  • Positive connections requiring no pins or plastic connectors.
  • Snug-fitting connections limit movement when correctly installed.

Tasman® is a registered trademark of Baines Masonry Blocks Pty Ltd and is used under licence.

Details of the Tasman® system

Block height 200 mm (plus 10 mm tab height)
Block length 390 mm
Block depth (into the embankment) 225 mm
Block weight 23.5 kg
Capping block weight 12 kg
Setback distance per block 10 mm
Wall slope 3 degrees (10 in 225)
Infill behind and within the facing blocks Compacted 10 to 20 mm crushed rock aggregate
Bearing pad Compacted 10 to 20 mm crushed rock aggregate
Drainage pipe 100 mm diameter PVC agricultural pipe with sock



The Tasman® block SRWS is constructed up to 660mm high for straight retaining walls (three courses and one cap) and 860mm for serpentine retaining walls (four courses and one cap).

If you are intending to use Tasman® block SRWS to support higher embankments please seek the advice of a competent civil or structural engineer; walls must comply with the Australian Standard AS4678 Earth Retaining Structures.

tasman and norfolk retaining wall cowra concrete products download brochureClick here to download the Tasman® and Norfolk® Retaining Wall Evaluation and Installation Guide for the basics on how to construct segmental concrete gravity retaining walls and concrete reinforced soil retaining walls.

Check with your local council to ensure compliance with all local building codes.

Calculating Block Quantities: Example

  • 20 metres long x 0.9 metres high = 18m2 x 14 blocks per m2= 252
  • Less 20 lineal metres x 2.56 capping blocks per metre = 52 capping blocks required overall
  • Blocks required for the job = 200 Norfolk Blocks + 52 Norfolk Capping Blocks


Retaining Wall Designer

Our Retaining Wall Designer is a free online tool for creating engineering designs for retaining walls using our Tasman® and Norfolk® blocks.  The tool has two operating modes Basic and Pro.  Use the tool to design reinforced cantilever, segmental gravity and segmental reinforced soils retaining walls.

Tasman Retaining Wall

tasman retaining wall block
Tasman Wall Block
390mm x 200mm x 245mm
13 per m2
60 per pallet
tasman full corner block
Tasman Full Corner Block
360mm x 200mm x 160mm
(Available in left or right)
Right hand corner shown
tasman half wall block
Tasman Half Wall Block
190mm x 200mm x 245mm
26.5 per m2
120 per pallet
tasman half corner block
Tasman Half Corner Block
245mm x 200mm x 160mm
(Available in left or right)
Right hand corner shown
tasman full cap
Tasman Full Cap
390mm x 245mm x 60mm
2.5 per lineal meter
120 per pallet
tasman 200mm capping block
Tasman 200mm Capping Block
195mm x 245mm x 60mm
5 per lineal metre
Cut to order

Colour Options

Tasman® concrete retaining wall blocks are available in selected colours. To view the full range of colours head into our display yard which is open 24/7 or contact us via telephone or email.

Store display stock may differ due to batch variation. Obtain samples from Cowra Concrete Products for the current batch colour, and ensure you order sufficient product at one time to complete your job, to avoid batch variation. Surplus blocks are not returnable.

No claims after 7 days or once products have been incorporated in construction.